Wednesday, June 11, 2008

According to my Co-Worker

- It doesn't matter that Obama was around Chicago politics his whole career because simply put, "he never got involved in it"

- Socialism is when the government forces everyone to be equal, but if they're just lessening the inequality gap it's not socialism. He stressed that Obama lessening the gap via taxation would only be temporary.

- It is "elitist" for the rich to hoard all the money while the middle class suffer, especially since the rich can exploit tax loopholes, but not elitist for a rich man like Obama to tell others they have to "sacrifice."

- It's not elitist for Obama to have 24/7 armed security while he denies his constitutents in Illinois the right (and ability) to defend themselves. Why? Because he's a "national figure" and incredibly important to the country, and because he's black and thus needs protection. He never did address my contention that this means Obama's life is more important than the life of an average citizen.

- Money is not property (I shit you not he actually said this)

- He also completely sidestepped my comparison of government taxation and redistribution to someone putting a gun to his head and robbing him of the cash in his wallet.

Liberals have a profound inability to stay on topic and go through logical progressions. At least my co-worker tries and keeps our discussions clean and respectful.


BobG said...

Sounds like the SDS I knew in college; they had the same goofy idea of how socialism could solve everything. Interesting how many of them had never worked a job, and were going to school on their dad's dime, even though he was a member of "The Establishment". Some things don't change much over the years...

Mike W. said...

The funny thing is that those on the far left today are the same as the SDS, except they'll vehemently deny that anything they advocate is actually "socialism."