Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Clinton / Obama ticket

All of the talking heads seem to think this would be the greatest thing for the Democratic party since sliced bread. They're all idiots. (surprise, surprise) If Obama has ANY common sense at all (and I have my doubts about his cognitive abilities) he will not take the Hildabeast as his VP.

What advantage would Obama gain by taking Clinton as VP?

Yes, it may help him in the general election, but does anyone really think the Clinton's can play the strong, silent, behind the scenes role? If we end up with a Obama / Clinton White House Obama will be merely a puppet, whether he knows it or not. Slick Willy will use all of his previous connections to run the show from the shadows. I certainly think he and Hills are capable of such action, and Obamarama is certainly naive, stupid, and inexperienced enough to have the wool pulled over his eyes by the Clinton's for 4 years.

It's all irrelevant anyway, since Hillary hasn't officially conceded. She has "suspended her campaign" but that sure as hell doesn't mean she's done fighting. This is her life's goal, and it was supposed to be hers. I just don't see her going out without a fight.

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Mike W. said...

I suppose I was wrong. Hillary actually bowed out.