Sunday, June 29, 2008

P228 Range Report

P228 target (I have no shame in posting pics of my admittedly poor shooting)

Anyway, I like it, I really like it!

I did have one jam, a failure to feed on the 3rd round of the day. Other than that it was flawless, just like my other two used Sigs have been. I'm still not used to the long, heavy trigger pull, and that was evident from my target. I pulled a few shots high and right, then really low and right, and then middle right. By the end of my 1st magazine I started to figure out the DAO trigger and was able to put 7-8 shots just north of center. Rather than finish strong I put the remainder of that mag 4 inches low. Generally though I'm still shooting right. I'm jerking the trigger rather than maintaining a smooth, steady pull. I need to stop that.

I shot mostly COM with the P6. A little high and right (as usual) but altogether not too bad. I shot a mag worth of +P+ 9BPLE through the old P6 just to test it and it didn't feel any hotter than any of my Fiocchi FMJ stuff. As usual the P6 proved to be boringly reliable regardless of what ammo I used. (Blazer brass, Blazer aluminum, 9BPLE, HST, Fiocchi) The targets used were B-29 reduced silhouette.

It's quite sad just how infrequently I make it to the range.

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