Friday, June 20, 2008

The Waiting Game

According to USPS my P228 I bought was shipped to my FFL's house yesterday, but of course they came at 1PM and couldn't deliver it. Hopefully someone's home the next time they decide to drop by.

Spike's says my AR upper should be shipping "soon" whatever that means. I've been waiting since March so hopefully I'll get it in the next few weeks. Too bad I don't have a dedicated lower for it.

Some totally uncool finanical stuff happened literally right after I paid for the P228. I also lost my health insurance which I wasn't expecting. I suppose that makes it even more imperative that I find a "real" job in the next few months.

I hear the media is making a big deal about Cindy McCain criticizing Obamarama's wife. Look, if you start flinging shit around and levying criticizms don't be surprised when the opposing candidates wife stands up for her man. Michelle put herself out there on the campaign trail making speeches. That means she's open to criticizm just like the politicians themselves. She needs to quit playing the "strong black woman" card one minute and the "poor little victim" card the next. It makes me want to barf.

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Anonymous said...

You can probably get a high-deductible "healthy young adult" insurance plan fairly cheaply.

Mine's less than $50/mo for decent coverage. They don't cover every little hangnail or case of the sniffles, but if something major happens I'm pretty well protected.