Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Carry Rig.

Got my carry rig today, a Blackhawk Serpa CQC holster. My god it was a huge pain trying to find a left handed model. I bought the model intended for the P220/226 & 228/229, however my P6's lock into the retention device just the same as my P228. I can say immediately that this distributes the weight FAR better than the surplus nylon duty holsters I got with the P6's. The button for the retention release is intuitively placed and doesn't feel awkward when drawing the pistol from the holster.

It's a belt loop holster but also came with a paddle attachment. What the heck is the goofy looking paddle thing for?

Obviously I'm still going to need an IWB holster for out-of-state CCW once my permit finally comes in.

Sorry for the crappy picture quality.

Serpa with Sig P6.


Anonymous said...

For your IWB I'd recommend the ever-popular Comp-Tac C-TAC. They'll make a lefty holster for your SIGs, no extra charge.

Trust me, it's MUCH more comfortable than it looks.

Anonymous said...

The paddle attachment is there so you can occasionally draw the holster out of your pants along with your gun. This is an embarrassing thing to happen when you need to shoot something, so I recommend sticking to the belt loops.

I second the recommendation on the C-TAC.


Mike W. said...

PDB - Good to know the paddle is a piece of junk.

TD - Yup, the C-Tac was my 1st thought for IWB carry. I think a few other bloggers use one for IWB carry as well. Didn't Robb have one on at the Blog Bash?

If only I didn't have to wait so long for this permit to come. And even then it won't be all that useful since it doesn't allow me to carry concealed IN Delaware.

I love that. Someone living 1/4 mile north of me could carry in DE on a UT permit but I'm not "trusted" to do so even though I went through the same process to get the permit.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't rule out the paddle on the serpa just yet. I have all sorts of paddle holsters, and the serpa is a huge pain in the ass to get it off. If you have a decent belt, I promise you won't pull the paddle loose no matter how hard you try.

If you put the paddle attachment on you will notice that there are little hooks that adjust to your belt.

Personaly, I prefer leather belt holsters as they're the most comfortable, but my serpa rides with me to work so if I have to go out somewhere it's a snap to stick it on my belt and click the G26 in snug. It doesn't conceal nearly as well as my Don Hume, but it works great as a quick attach holster.

Just my $.02

Mike W. said...

Is there any advantage to using the paddle instead of the belt loops on the Serpa? It didn't seem like it upon 1st glance.

mike's spot said...

I like paddle style holsters too. It's easier to get it on and off your clothing, and is good if you don't have a really good belt. don't rule it out just yet.

Rob said...

The Serpa paddle is difficult to remove; however, it has a wider base and sits more comfortably and closer to the body, making less of a footprint.

I normally use the paddle for my Serpa, but when I to matches, I'll switch to the belt attachment with extenders to keep it further from the body for a cleaner draw.