Monday, July 7, 2008

Remember This Post?

...About just how little my sister was taught about the Constitution in her High School Honors Civics class?

Well her school, A.I. DuPont (my alma mater) was ranked # 388 of 1300 in Newsweek's "America's Top Public High Schools."

If that's what they're learning in an honors class at a "good school" I shudder to think what kids are learning at the "bad schools" in general classes.

The public school system is a joke and it drives away the best teachers. My world history teacher in High School got so fed up with the bureacracy and teaching morons that he left and started his own charter school.


Bonnie said...

My high school was number 992 on that list, and I can tell you that the crap we were taught in the way of "civics" and "history" wasn't any good at all.

Anonymous said...

they are learning creationism

Mike W. said...

Yeah we were pretty much taught crap too. The scary thing is that it seems to have actually gotten worse since we were in high school.

They're pushing PC'ness and liberalism far more blatantly than they have in the past. In college the bias is just terrible.