Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taking On An Obama Fangirl

Larry has the must read post of the day.

"The way it is now, people can choose what they believe, and then exercise their free agency accordingly. Your method relies on coercion, force, or bribery, to make others fall into line with your choices.

So which one of us is the fascist now, Katie?"

A liberal a fascist? How can that be? After all Obama and his supporters propose things like "mandatory volunteering" for the "common good." I've written before about liberals and their coercive use of force, yet somehow they spin such coercion as a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Just because one Obama fan has crazy "liberal" sounding ideas doesn't mean that Obama is going to repeal the second amendment. He supports individual rights AND the right of municipalities to decide on their own specific regulations.

If you want to have the government infringe upon your freedom, move to GEUDA SPRINGS, Kansas. Its a town that requires people who are irresponsible, suicidal, have children, or not to keep a gun in their homes. So much for an individual right.

Mike W. said...

"He supports individual rights AND the right of municipalities to decide on their own specific regulations. "

Sorry, but that's 100% grade A Bullshit. I go by the man's record on the issue, specifically what he's said/done before the election. Obama has NEVER taken a pro-gun position. He even said he thought DC's ban was Constitutional. A flat out ban Constitutional! (yeah, he supports my rights...really!)

Oh, by the way, municipalities have no "right" to decide on their own regulations. People have rights, the government has powers, and those powers are specifically limited by the Constitution. The Constitution applies equally everywhere, even if the people in a municipality support a gun ban.

Mike W. said...

Also, if you're going to make claims like "he supports the 2A" you'd better back it up with some facts. Here's a bit of his record on guns. None of it even hints at him supporting my 2A rights.


As far as repealing the 2nd Amendment. Read my italicized comment here