Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Liberal Media Bias?

I've been wanting to blog about this for a few days now. I've learned, via Gateway Pundit, that John McCain has an adopted daughter from Bangladesh. John & Cindy McCain adopted her in 1991. You're probably thinking "Why the hell haven't I heard of this!?" I thought exactly the same thing upon reading it. Liberals constantly claim that there is no liberal bias in the media, in fact they claim the media is actually conservative! If that were true wouldn't this story have been all over the mainstream news?

Let me ask something about this whole situation. If Michelle & Barack Obama had a child that they'd adopted from Sudan can anyone honestly tell me that the media wouldn't be all over it? They would jump at the opportunity to do primetime pieces gushing with lavish praise for the selfless humanitarian acts of the Obama's. Barack would parade that kid out for the world to see as a shining example of the good "hope & change" The Messiah can bring about, and he would tell the rest of America that they need to do the same.

The McCains? They haven't used this for political capital at all. To me that shows integrity and humility, and I respect them for it. Why has the mainstream media, who LOVE sensational stories, not reported on something like this?

This can really all be summed up with one thought. Actions speak louder than words. Obama promises people the world, but McCain actually gave hope and life in a better world to an orphaned little girl in a 3rd world country. He and his wife gave her a loving family, and a better life in the greatest country in the world. What greater gift could you give a child?


Anonymous said...

Don't confuse your own personal ignorance with evidence of a "media bias." I've known for years of McCain's daughter. I learned about it in Al Franken's book.

Mike W. said...

OK, but has the MSM done much reporting on it during this Presidential campaign (or the last one?) No. They're more interested in what dress Michelle Obama is wearing.

Mike W. said...

Kelly - The entire point of my post apparently went right over your head. The salient point isn't where you or I learned it from, it's where we DIDN'T hear about it.

The media not reporting on a major "feel good" story on McCain when they cover every little stupid tidbit of the Obama's life is evidence of media bias, is it not?

Dick Baker said...

The media was biased in favor of McCain until he became the Republican nominee, which is the kiss of death.

Obama is teflon right now. Any blunders he makes are brushed off and forgotten.

Do you remember Dan Quayle's misspelling of the word "potato?" Of course you do. It was repeated incessantly until it became almost synonymous with the word "gaffe."

I will bet you $1000 that, 15 years from now, none of Obama's gaffes will be remembered.