Thursday, August 14, 2008


On Breda's recommendation I bought a pair of these holsters. One small holster for the Bersa and a large one for the P6. My experience thus far mirrors Breda's. The holster for the P6 is extremely tight. I can draw from it just fine but it's a bitch to re-holster. It's leather though, so I've no doubt it'll loosen up with use. So far they look to be pretty good IWB concealed carry holsters, especially given they were ~$25 each. What's really nice is they can be worn IWB or OWB at any position on your waist and attached with a clip or belt-loops.

Here's the holster. It conceals fairly well, especially the bersa, which is so light I barely feel like I'm wearing it.


Unknown said...

I bought the same holster for my wife's Kahr PM9. It will loosen up with time, but when it does be careful as it will not hold the gun as secure. Just don't plan on doing kartwheels and you should be good to go.

Mike W. said...

Yeah, I doubt it'll be a problem, and I may buy a better holster in the future anyway. I bought these because they were decent and cheap compared to something like a CTAC