Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Angry Left

The Daily Kos is considered a serious, mainstream Democratic blog on the left side of the aisle, one that Rachel Lucas points out is supported by Obama. Yet what do we see from the left directed towards Palin and her family? Bigotry, Misogyny, Intolerance, Hatred and general classlessness. It mirrors much of what I encountered over on Delaware Liberal, only I dare say Democratic Underground and Daily Kos are worse. The seething hate, the flat out lies, misrepresentations, the eschewing of facts and of any sense of basic decency is astounding. Then, as we see on many hate filled liberal sites, the controversial / offending material magically vanishes from their webpage.

The hypocrisy of the left is undeniable. So often they do not practice the tolerance, compassion, unity and understanding that they preach. To them, Bill Clinton's infidelity and flat out lie to the American people about it is no big deal, nor is the fact that Clinton (a lawyer) committed perjury. When the Republican VP's 17 year old gets pregnant out of wedlock the left smells blood and cannot help but attack Sarah & Bristol Palin.

When Biden's daughter was arrested it was a "private matter." The same goes for Al Gore's son and his frequent problems with the law. Here we have something with Palin's daughter that should be a non-issue and the MSM and left blogs can't leave it alone, nor can they even begin to be respectful about it. Furthermore, they insist that Palin is a bad mother because she "put her son out there knowing what the media would do to her." Great, blame the mother for her child's pregnancy AND for the vile attacks from the left. Would they rather she have dropped out because her daughter was pregnant? Why? Biden didn't drop out of politics when his wife died in a car accident and his young sons were seriously injured. He did the right thing. He went on with his political life AND cared for his family. That's what a good father would do and what Palin should do.

As far as this whole pregnancy is concerned it really isn't a big deal. It's not exactly uncommon for young people to have kids out of wedlock. I have a nephew born out of just such a situation, and it would have been ridiculous to claim that such a situation would have hindered the ability of my parents to do their jobs. They were supportive, they raised kids with good values, and everyone turned out fine. I know plenty of people who have had kids when they were young and unprepared. I also know women who have had an abortion. That's their decision and I won't judge them on it either way. Palin has shown solidarity and continued to support her daughter as well as embrace the father into their family. I would expect nothing less from her.


none said...

There was a recent documentary called "blogwars" and 90% of it was the interviewer brown nosing the KOS guy. His name is mario something and instead of it being a invesitgative piece the interviere just let him spew his filth and hatred for 90 minutes.

Anonymous said...

As a blogger you should well know that blogs are simply the musings of common citizens and not subject to anything but the right to free speech, even when it's asinine content.

For now, even if a blog has millions of unique daily viewers (ie. Perez Hilton who is slamming the Republicans to 10s of millions of voters and future voters, daily) and thereby a powerful force on the electorate, it is no more subject to rules of integrity or muzzling than any citizen running their mouth, anywhere, anytime. Do you think this should change?

McCain's team and supporters need to be wary of complaining about what is spoken in the blogosphere as if it constitutes some sort of journalistic sounds ignorant and confused about the new workings of the modern world, to this Independent.

Mike W. said...

Anon - I'm not sure why you're bringing up free speech or why you said this,

"it is no more subject to rules of integrity or muzzling than any citizen running their mouth, anywhere, anytime. Do you think this should change?"

Did I even so much as hint that I thought this type of speech should be censored or muzzled? Unlike some folks on sites like Delaware Liberal, who believe in the "fairness doctrine" and the censoring of what they deem "Conservative talk radio hate speech" I respect the rights of everyone to say what they want, that means liberals, conservatives, nazi's and the KKK.

I've touched on this issue before on my blog. You should do some reading.

The hypocrisy of the left on this issue is incredible. Also, you should remember that it is the Dems who are pushing to bring back the "fairness doctrine." They're real fans of free speech, so long as it's speech they like.

Thirdpower said...

I find it more telling that the rumors, innuendo, etc. that was published on Koz were then picked up and repeated ad nauseum by the 'mainstream media' like CNN, MSNBC, and CBS. Even the NY Times published the inaccurate claim that Palin was a member of the independence movement.

None of them did any research or checks at all before repeating it. To many media sources have become tabloids.

Mike W. said...

Third - All they had to do was BASIC research. Just ask AIP if she was ever a member. They didn't even do that, instead they regurgitated the rumors from DailyKos.