Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Bill

So it seems that Pelosi and the Democrats are trying to blame the Republican's for failure of the bailout bill. What a load of horse shit. The vote was 141-94 in support of the bill among Democrats and 66-132 opposing it among Republicans. Had Pelosi been able to show some leadership and get her fellow Democrats behind the bill she could have gotten this passed without the Republicans.

The bailout failed, and that failure is solely on the shoulders of Pelosi and her fellow Democrats. For the record, I'm glad the bailout failed. I think it sets a terrible precedent for the future of this country and I have my doubts about whether it will work. Not to mention anything that Pelosi and Barney Frank are pushing is most likely something I really don't want passed.


Y'know, everyone is talking about how bad the housing market is, yet within the past year my older brother and sister were both able to sell their homes, move into newer, bigger places AND make a profit.

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