Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photo Meme

Here's a picture for Breda's "Post a pic of yourself as a child" meme.

And since I found a funny / embarrassing one....


breda said...

oh, gosh - those are terrific =)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dog.....nice ass, by the way. LOLOL!!

Mike W. said...

I Loved that dog. Lowe, my grandpa's German Shepard. He absolutely loved to come visit us kids. My god that dog loved biting at hose water. He still loved to come visit, even after he was in really bad shape. We didn't get Zach till I was 17, so for most of my childhood I considered Lowe my dog.

I remember he used to try to play fetch with me and he'd have a hard time because he was nearly blind and couldn't see the ball.

He got so bad he'd fall over when he tried to pee and my grandpa had to carry him up and down the steps, even just two steps from our garage into the house. Still, I've never seen a dog so happy as when he was around all of us kids.

Breda - I didn't even spend much time picking those out. We have probably hundreds of thousands of pictures and these were the 1st two of me I saw on the computer. I keep telling my mother she needs to get everything converted to digital and put on hard drives. That and she needs to get her paintings framed.