Friday, September 26, 2008

Revoking Permits

Dave Hardy has a story about a Pennsylvania soccer mom who's CCW permit was revoked by the local sheriff because she was open carrying at soccer games and making folks "uncomfortable."

Absolutely stunning logic there huh? Some pants shitter complains about open carry, so they revoke her concealed carry permit, thereby requiring that she open carry from now on.

She should continue to open carry at the soccer games. If the league complains she should hand them copies of the letter she received from the sheriff and explain to them that she now must carry openly because of the revocation.

Also, can the league really "ban" her? Around here the soccer fields aren't private property, even if they are being used by a particular soccer league. I believe the ones near me are public property under the jurisdiction of New Castle County Parks & Recreation. They're certainly not owned or operated by any soccer league, and the league can't ban someone from a public park.

Is there specific criteria that must be shown to revoke a permit in PA or can they really just claim the CCW holder showed a "lack of judgment?" It seems to me she should be able to get her permit reinstated if she takes the Sheriff to court, but I'm not sure how PA law works in that regard. Hell, the Sheriff even made statements saying that her OC'ing was lawful and that he was revoking her permit to "prove a point." I seriously hope she takes this to court and tears him a new one.

Update - Half way down this page on PAFOA is the letter she received revoking her PA LTCF. There's also more info in this article.


Laura said...

i know they can eject her from games permanently - my uncle has been a ref in baltimore for years, and he's had to permanently eject a few parents.

when he does, though, it's for physical violence or excessive verbal abuse. he's gotten his ass kicked a few times for it.

Mike W. said...

True, I remember having that happen at several of my highschool basketball games.

That said, OC'ing at a public park to watch your child's soccer game is a bit different than OC'ing in a packed gymnasium.

I'll bet money that if this was a younger, clean-cut guy in business attire people would have just assumed he was a cop and that would have been the end of it.

Anonymous said... is simply the answer