Friday, October 10, 2008


So I came across a good deal and picked up a brand new EoTech 511 for $230 to mount on my 5.56 upper. It's shorter than the 512 so it fits perfectly on a flat top upper with standard handguards.

Now if I just had a light this would be a perfect home defense carbine. Can you mount a light on the standard handguards?

I know Mike of Guns & Shit asked for pics of the 512, so I'll update this post with pictures of both AR's and their respective optics.

On another note - McCain did pretty badly in the last debate. Based on that performance I think if he'd gotten the town hall debates he wanted all along this whole thing would have been over by now. Obama thoroughly trounced McCain in the debate, and McCain had so many openings where he could have thrown some punches but didn't. I don't get it? It's almost as if he wants to lose.


Anonymous said...

Falcon Industries make some inexpensive rails that are designed to bolt to GI handguards.

You can also get a front sight tower rail that has a sling loop on the opposite side, very handy if you want to run a 3 point sling later.

As for lights, I'm partial to the streamlight TLR-1. It's available for less than $100, throws a pretty good light for an LED, and it won't fly off the rail like a M3 will.

Mike W. said...

Thanks PDB - The TLR-1 was actually the light I had in mind, I just wasn't sure how to mount it.

mike's spot said...

I thought McCain was very reserved and missed a few could opportunities as well.

I actually respect him today for stopping some of the people at his rallies from continuing to be bat-shit-crazy.

I'm excited for the pics.

Unknown said...

These thingys work great for regular flashlights, and they're cheap as well -

I like the G series Nitrolon Surefire lights because they're cheap and tough. They have the 3 battery one now that puts out over 100 lumens. That's sure to burn out the retinas of any home intruding scumbag!

Nice score on the 511, btw.