Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Change We Can Believe In

In yet another repudiation of his past, Obama's website "Fight The Smears" claims he was never involved with ACORN, a corrupt group involved in the mortgage mess and with a history of voter fraud. Yet despite Obama's current claim a December 8, 1995 article in the Chicago Reader indicates his past membership in the group.

Here's the relevant part of the above article.
Another strong supporter of Obama's work--as an organizer, as a lawyer, and
now as a candidate--is
Madeline Talbott, lead organizer of the feisty ACORN community organization, a group that's a thorn in the side of most elected officials. "I can't repeat what most ACORN members think and say about politicians. But Barack has proven himself among our members.

Obama says he "never organized with ACORN." Should we believe what Talbott said back in 1995, or take Obama for his word now that he's running for President and needs to distance himself from the organization for the sake of political expediency?

BTW - It took me only ~2 minutes to find this via google. Any journalist in the MSM could have found this with ease, looked at Obama's "Fight The Smears" piece on ACORN, and run something exposing him as a liar. (even if it was just some 20 second blurb) Unsurprisingly you find the MSM instead spends its time defending Obama and attempting to shoot down these affiliations and criticisms at every opportunity.

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