Thursday, October 30, 2008

Go Read

This post over at Down With Absolutes is a good one.

Comment #2 by Paul is good too. He asks,

"Who are Barack Obama’s positive relationships, that he does not have to throw under the bus?"

Good question. That'd be one damn short list, since he seems to have thrown anyone he's ever associated with under the bus.

Oh, and for another thing you can list under "thrown under the bus." Remember public financing? Yeah, Obama was the 1st to refuse public financing since it was enacted post-Watergate. In doing that he threw the public financing system "under the bus,"refused to work "across the aisle," and blatantly flip-flopped on the entire issue.

In April he told Fox News

"I have promised that I will sit down with John McCain and talk about how we can preserve a public system."

He then opted out of public financing after McCain had already accepted it, effectively tying McCain's hands so far as his ability to raise campaign funds.


Anonymous said...

Except Michelle

Anonymous said...

what except michelle?

Mike W. said...

Well I'd say he pretty well muzzled his wife once he realized that her nutjob ramblings might hurt him.

In that respect he threw her under the bus as well.