Monday, October 20, 2008

More on Obama's Connections

Recently I called out Senator Obama for lying on his website "Fight the Smears" about his associations with ACORN. He has since scrubbed / changed his website to read that he was never "hired" by ACORN. The problem of course is even that statement is a lie.

An article from the San Fransisco Chronicle states,

"ACORN organizers this morning said that Sen. Barack Obama, as a local elected
official in Chicago, participated in two training sessions for 50 volunteer leaders. "

I would consider participation in ACORN training sessions to constitute "association" with the group.

In addition, he and his law firm represented a group of plaintiffs, including ACORN, regarding motor voter registration issues. They said his campaign has also provided about $80,000 in funding to an independent consulting group, which in turn provided some funding to ACORN to get out the vote.

His law firm represented ACORN and his campaign funded them. I'd call that having been "associated" with them

Now let's discuss Ayers. Here's a man who's a hardcore communist and a domestic terrorist. There's no question that he remains unrepentant about his violent past. The man bombed fellow Americans in this country. The fact that it happened 40+ years ago doesn't change my opinion of Ayers one bit. He tried to kill people, and specifically targeted law enforcement. Here's an account of one of his bombings.

The fact that Obama voluntarily chose to associate with such a despicable man scares me, and it's one of many things which have lead me to seriously question Obama's judgment. Obama has a history of associating with these kinds of people, and we find him constantly having to throw them under the bus. Even if Ayers were not a terrorist his radically left ideology should be enough to scare most people away.......unless they themselves subscribe to a hardcore socialist ideology.

In a 1997 issue of the University of Chicago Chronicle discussed those who would speak at the University regarding juvenile justice. The article sheds some light on the Obama / Ayers connection that makes it clear he's not just "some guy in my neighborhood."

A few key excerpts from the article.
"Ayers will be joined by Sen. Barack Obama, Senior Lecturer in the Law School, who is working to combat legislation that would put more juvenile offenders into the adult system."

I can think of many Americans who would outright refuse to speak at an event where they'd be speaking alongside an unrepentant terrorist. Then again, Obama went to church for 20 years with a vile, hateful pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. His best defense was to say that he never heard Wright say any of the disgusting remarks that we all saw on the news. Obama says he attends church roughly twice a month. Over 20 years that's ~480 sermons and Obama wants us to believe that not once did he ever hear Wright say "Fuck Whitey" or "God Damn America" or anything else objectionable or offensive. Sorry, but anyone with even a little common sense would find that highly unlikely. If Wright found such statements perfectly acceptable to spew from the pulpit there's no way he didn't have a similar tone and message or make similar statements at a single one of the ~480 sermons Obama attended.

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