Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Liberal Tolerance

It looks like Linoge got a dose of the same kind of liberal "tolerance" shown to me by the Delaware Liberal crowd. He got banned from the Blue Herald website for having the audacity to offer a dissenting opinion and be critical of Barack Hussein Obama. Obviously it's their right to ban him from their private site, but such behavior reflects poorly upon those sites who take such actions against dissent.

Linoge says,

"The administrators of Blue Herald have blocked my IP, simply because I had the nerve to disagree with them - this after they called me (and others like me) names for daring to disagree with a Senator Barack Hussein Obama supporter."

Yup, it seems that reaction is par for the course among the compassionate, understanding & tolerant "progressives" on the left, whether it be the Blue Herald, Delaware Liberal, or the infamous Brady Campaign Blog. "Reasoned Discourse" it is, something you won't see here at Another Gun Blog. I fully believe in free exchange of ideas, and it's kinda the entire point of having a blog that allows comments.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love it. They cannot stand dissent, so they literally blindfold themselves, shove their fingers (up to their knuckles) into their ears, and keep repeating Obamamessiah talking points to themselves.

Like I said in my comment to my own post, I feel nothing for pity for people like that.