Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Just as a college kid looks at a bathroom rug and thinks “That looks comfy to sleep on” a Metro-Tactical looks at a nice Calvin Klein wool coat and thinks “My AR would fit under there."

-JoeMerchant24 - in comments at Caleb's.

I remember passing out on concrete floors in college & taking naps on concrete ledges, water fountains, or park benches between class. I would have killed for a bathroom rug.

As far as carry, well being a lanky bastard makes it hard for me to conceal much of anything.


Laura said...

i still wanna give you some of my could use it :P and i could happily lose it.

Anonymous said...

*hugs his PPS*

You could hide this thing just about anywhere, and this is coming from a 6'3", 160 pounder.

Mike W. said...

You're as bad as me Linoge.

6ft, 150 here. Gaining 30 pounds would be nice. Lord knows I eat enough.

Laura - It's a shame you've got a bum knee because running is a sure way to lose weight. I remember scarfing down milkshakes during XC season in HS so I wouldn't lose any weight.

Hell, I'm still the same waist size I was @ 16. I've put on muscle & height since then of course.

Linoge - my problem with concealing is the butt of the gun prints no matter what. Maybe I need to try a comp-tac CTAC or some other good holster. Of course the smallest defensive pistol I have is the P6 which isn't exactly small.

Anonymous said...

I am faring pretty well with a Holsters By Eric Leatherworks holster..., or somesuch.

And, yeah, the size of the firearm does have an influence ;).