Saturday, February 14, 2009


So Breda's post reminded me that the Blog Bash is only a few months away and I haven't done any planning for it yet. I'd originally assumed I wouldn't be able to make it, but I've since reconsidered. I should be able to get the time off work, so assuming I have the funds I can probably make the trip.

Last year was fun, but I didn't get the chance to hang out, hit the bars, etc. with my fellow bloggers. I crammed the Louisville trip in between class and finals and got back just in time to shower, take a nap, and ace my exam.

Jesus, rental cars are crazy expensive, especially once you tack on the ~$100 surcharge for being under 25. The flight + hotel cost is doable, it's the rental car cost that's killing me.

I also entertained the idea of driving to Phoenix, but that'd be far too much time off work, and you'd be greeted by a guy 10 times more haggard than the one some of you met in Louisville.

Where's everyone else planning on staying? Anyone have any links to super cheap deals?


Thirdpower said...

I have a room at the Holiday Inn and plan on driving. The convention is right inbetween semesters for me so I got lucky and driving will be cheaper than flying in my case.

Anonymous said...

Don't get a rental. Take a taxi - downtown is fairly close to the airport. I think the hotel websites indicate only like 10 minutes. There may also be airport shuttle options. I'll try to research that.

Honestly, I actually found that getting a reserved sedan with a driver to pick us up at the St. Louis airport was cheaper than a taxi. But that was because the airport was so far from downtown. The flat fee of a car service saved a trip for 3 of us about $10 one way - and we didn't have to fight in a taxi stand line.

I'm trying to keep us downtown for everything. If I can get one last happy hour location nailed down downtown, then everything will be within 5-6 blocks of the main Bash hotels. If not, I will try rent a big car myself and try to organize a ride share system via Twitter.

We'll be reserving our flights soon. We're going out on Thursday and returning on Monday, and we found a crazy cheap airfare (less than $250 with all taxes and fees, the base fare is under $200), but with somewhat crappy hours. It just works for getting me out there early to organize and letting us go to the only interesting part of the Board meeting Monday morning before hoping on a flight back.

Anonymous said...

And I meant to add, it looks like most folks are at the now fully booked Holiday Inn Express, but I still have rooms available at the Super 8. I know at least a couple of folks have taken rooms out of the original reservation, so we should end up with more than a few there. Those rooms are anywhere from $63-$68/night, and it's the same distance from the convention center as the HIE - just on a different street.