Wednesday, March 4, 2009

They Don't Ensure Anything

Once again a violent crime occurs at the University of Delaware. This time it's a young woman who's raped by 3 guys behind Christiana East Tower. (where I lived junior year)

The head of UD public safety had this to say,

"The department has increased foot patrols and visibility in the area and is providing all available resources to the detective assigned to the case. "

Furthermore, he calls the crime,

"an aberration from the overall safe environment that exists at the University of Delaware."

"Overall safe environment?" Was it safe for this girl? Those who are victims of crime in Newark know that this is bullshit. There's no such thing as an overall safe environment. It's an illusion, and such rhetoric means nothing once YOU are the one who's safety has been violated. If it's so safe then why was this girl assaulted by a man with a handgun? I thought U of D was a "Gun-Free Zone?" Hell, according to the student code of conduct it's a "Weapons-Free Zone"

Yeah, a lot of good lighting and foot patrols will do for the girl who was raped. One of the routes I walked my Freshman year was nicknamed the "rape trail" because so many women had been assaulted while walking in that area. I knew women who had been raped. I knew guys who'd been robbed, assaulted, and put in the hospital by armed thugs. The campus is only a safe environment in the minds of liberal bureacrats and academics out of touch with reality.

The University campus is expansive. There's just no way in hell for every area of campus to be well lit, and many places are not. In most areas of campus you're not going to see a cop on any given day, and outside of certain areas you're almost guaranteed not to see one at night. Despite what the University might say about this "overall safe environment," the campus is no safer than the city it's intertwined with. Common sense would tell you that it cannot be safer.

He also had this to say,

"We have dedicated Public Safety officers who are fully committed to ensuring the safety of students and staff in and around campus."

Yes, I'm sure they want to keep us safe, but not only are the not obligated to provide safety, they simply cannot do so. But hey, we'll keep telling college kids that government and "the authorities" are both responsible for and capable of protecting them. Wouldn't want them to come to a realization that stresses self-reliance and individual responsibility over collective dependence. Nope, it'd be hard to mold people into good little sheep that way.

Also, it's ironic that Public Safety says they're so committed to safety, since another article discusses how the University is doing away with the escort service. (basically a free taxi service for students)


mike's spot said...

Its a cover- as long as they say those things, they never have to deal with the potential for students to take care of themselves.

their method is cheaper, and insulates them from lawsuits.

how hard is it to give a couple guys a few extra shifts and then to say 'we are doing everything in our power!'

if people still scream- congratulations, tuition will go up to cover 'added security costs'.

Higher education is more of a business nowadays than anything. Its enough to make me sick.

Mike W. said...

"Higher education is more of a business nowadays than anything. Its enough to make me sick."

Oh, don't even get me stared on that shit. I can't believe how much the University of Delaware used to nickel & dime me. All kinds of required little "fees" that went up every year.

Hell, I had to pay for a "student health fee" every semester despite being a DE resident with my primary doctor 5 minutes from my house. You can't opt out of any of it.

Weer'd Beard said...

Couldn't find this story anywhere on

I wonder why???

Anonymous said...

Is this anger over the facade of safety purported by the university, or that an individual was hurt?

U of D is in denial if they think just having more public safety will do the trick. UMaine, my alma mater, is located in the center of the state and is surrounded by rural neighborhoods (I include Bangor in that), and even they recognize that when you have a dense population of people from many different areas that the potential for these attacks are significant. They provided escorts around campus for free, placed security boxes in multiple locations along just about every path on campus, and provide education to the student body (especially those living on campus) about how to be safe. When these attacks occur, they are ashamed, and work towards better coverage and education.

U of D needs to wake up. I hate people passing on responsibility for the sake of politics.

( Oh, btw, UMaine still nickel and dimes you though :-D )

Mike W. said...

"Is this anger over the facade of safety purported by the university, or that an individual was hurt?"

Both Alex.

Mike W. said...

"Couldn't find this story anywhere on"

You know I'm permanently banned from their site. 2 different IP addresses.

Though they did dedicate an entire post to me as "Idiotic commenter of 2008."

Anonymous said...

this is exactly why so many people believe that if everyone had a gun the world would be safer

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