Friday, April 10, 2009

ABC's "If I Only Had A Gun"

Calling all anti-gun folks. Watch ABC's hit piece and tell me the media isn't anti-gun.

I mean hell, could they have made it any more ridiculous, biased, and emotionally based?


Anonymous said...

Any American that bought the propaganda of 20/20's "If I Only Had A Gun" deserve to die, cowering and meekly, like the sheep they are. The absurdity of this piece made me laugh. The intent made me sick with rage.

Mike W. said...

The problem Anon is that there are many folks who are NOT rabidly anti-gun. All they know of guns is what they see in movies, TV, and the mainstream media.

They just don't know any better and remain ignorant because they take the BS lies peddled in crap like this ABC piece as truthful at face value.

They're exposed to this blatant propaganda all the time. Consequently it's all they know. It's up to us to expose the lies and help them see the light.

The rational folks will come around slowly when exposed to the truth. The emotional, willfully ignorant ones are a lost cause, and their lies should be countered at every opportunity as well, even though our doing that enrages them.

none said...

The related article on has nearly 99% blasting them for their anti-gun bias.

I wonder if they read their comments.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your input Mike W. I just watched the 20/20 propaganda. You are correct. Most people believe all they see on the tv or movie screen. It all makes me sick. You may want to look into Not everyone is blind when it comes to the facts.

TXGunGeek said...

So now it is 60 minutes turn to bash guns. Live blogged it as the piece was running.

Anonymous said...

Mike W - it's true, many people's opinions are colored by what they see in the media, which just happens to be false. As a city girl from Ohio, the first time I shot a gun, I cried. Ten years later, I'm an avid defender of the Second Amendment and firearm instructor. I, too, was not impressed by the 20/20 gun coverage:

Mike W. said...

WomenofCaliber - You sound just like Breda!

Excellent blog by the way. You too gungeek. Great play by play of the MSM hit pieces.