Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties

You know, for 8 years the left has been screaming "Dissent is Patriotic." Now that they're in power and their political opposition is protesting all we're hearing is bleating about dangerous "Right Wing Extremists"

I guess dissent is only patriotic if you're a liberal, and when liberals protest general asshatery, unruliness, outright threats and violence are perfectly acceptable.

It's funny, because the majority of pictures, video, and reports from Tea Party protests in several states have shown the attendees to be decent, well-mannered, civilized folks. It's certainly a far cry from many of the liberal anti-war / anti-Bush protests we've seen the past 8 years. It also always struck me as hilariously ironic to see anti-war protesters resorting to violence.


Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

And not the first tea party protester has chained him/herself to something of distaste; assaulted the Secretary of State with red painted handes; firebombed a laboratory; or beat up a doctor on their way to their car.


It's almost like the current dissenters are peaceful or something.

Anonymous said...

"decent, well-mannered, civilized folks" ARE a threat to the left.

The Makers are fed up with Takers, and the Takers have finally clued in and are frightened... that they might someday have to actually earn their keep.