Monday, June 29, 2009

More P6's

Looks like Centerfire Systems has P6's for sale. There were a ton of these for $250-$300 back when I bought mine and then the supply dried up. It would appear more have come in from Germany.


mike's spot said...

thanks for the heads up! I want one of these- but not the near 400 dollar price it will be after transfer. If I could get it done for 330 all said and out the door I would probably do it.

Mike W. said...

I actually paid near $400 total for my 1st one. Then again that one was a 97 with the newer barrel, came in a factory box w/ manual. It was in such good condition that when my FFL opened the box he thought it was brand new.

That was back when there were so many P6's that they graded them by condition (and price)

Considering how many have already been imported I'm wondering if there will be any more big lots of them coming here. Unless there's another huge batch imported I think the days of sub $300 P6's are gone.

Once you start getting up above $400 it makes more sense to just look for a good condition P225 instead. No ugly import mark, no crap-shoot of buying unseen surplus, better DA pull,

Weer'd Beard said...

Man what a price!

Fucking Mass Handgun Roster won't let me anywhere near them. Oh Well.

Still I've got my eyes peeled for a decent used 226 in 9x19. Want me some double-stack 9mm sig lovin' I do!

You got good taste in guns, my friend!