Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day

I hope all of my 2 or 3 readers are having a great Independence Day. I'm chillin at the beach and am well stocked with some Honey Brown, Guinness, Newcastle, Dogfish Head & cookout food.

Couldn't think of a better way to spend the 4th.


libertyman said...

Yes, Happy Independence Day! A fine day to celebrate!

Weer'd Beard said...

I ate unconfortable amounts of BBQ, drank domestic beers (one of them in a 40oz serving...what a hoot!) and watched pirotechnics, both pro (legal) and ammature (not-so-much)

Good times!

Dogfish head makes some FILTHY good beer!

Laura said...

we had two guests from out of town stay for the weekend, so yesterday ended up a recovery day.

first weekend i've spent almost entirely offline, too. kinda refreshing. :)