Monday, October 12, 2009

Fighting Back Works

even if you don't have a gun. Two teens get robbed at gunpoint, one grabs a bat from his car and fights back. I know of at least one person who keeps a baseball bat in the car because she can't carry in her state, even in a vehicle.

"The 19-year-old and 16-year-old victims had just gotten cash from an ATM and returned to their car when the alleged gunman approached them, tried to strike up a conversation and then pointed a gun at the pair.

The gunman then took some cash from one of the victims, who grabbed the assailant’s gun. A struggle ensued.

The other victim, meanwhile, armed himself with a baseball bat and got out of the car.He started to hit the robber with the bat as the two men were struggling over the gun, which turned out to be a BB-gun that resembled a semi-automatic weapon."


Bob S. said...

Mike W.

Great example of why it matters who has the weapon and not the weapon used.

One person used a weapon to commit a crime another to stop a crime.

good post

Laura said...

i started carrying a glove to match the bat, JUST IN CASE i get pulled over.

the other half started doing the same.

unrelated: are ye coming to the party in a couple of weeks?

Glenn B said...


BobG said...

A small aluminum bat is quite effective; light and hard to damage, but can cause mayhem if used correctly.