Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Obama lobbied long and hard convincing us we needed Congress to pass a "stimulus" spending 1.6 TRILLION dollars in order to help the U.S. economy. Not only has the stimulus done nothing to improve the U.S. economy, but now you're claiming that the very same deficit spending you touted as the solution could now end up being the problem.

You mean you can't spend your way out of a financial pinch? Inconceivable! It's not like any idiot with two brain cells to rub together couldn't have figured that out. Perhaps I'm being insulting to your average idiot, since Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress don't have two brain cell between them. Hell, when I'm deep in debt the first thing I try and do is borrow as much money as possible and spend my way out of it.

Bruce had this to say about Obama,

I'll go a step further and say President Obama has exceeded each and every one of my expectations. Well except for gun control, and that's only because the Dems in Congress are treating it like political gonorrhea.

Is this was it was like during the Carter years, where every time you think it couldn't possibly get worse it does and you're left wondering "oh good lord, what's this moron going to do next?"

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