Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Healthcare Pushback

In response to this bloated, unconstitutional behemoth of a bill that Obama and his cronies in Congress are trying to pass, Oklahoma lawmakers have filed the Freedom of Healthcare Choice Act.

Sadly the cynic in me sees this as no more than a symbolic jesture so long as the Courts remain in lockstep with the Federal government. The Feds routinely ignore the 10th Amendment, knowing full well that the judicial branch has and will continue to let them kill it.

The Federal government these days (Liberals and Conservatives) no longer concern themselves with silly, antiquated things like Constitutional Rights and limitations of power. The media seems wholly unconcerned as well and has not even thought to question whether Obamacare is Constitutional.

I have tried to write a post on the whole healthcare debacle, but the whole thing pisses me off too much. My Congressmen will support it regardless of the will of the people, myself included, and Mike Castle (RINO) says he'll support it and vote for it but can't be bothered to read it.

Is it time yet Claire?

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