Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PMC .223

LTDAmmo has some for $329.99 + shipping. That comes to roughly $6.90 per box. I love online vendors that have reasonable shipping prices.

SGCUSA has the same for $307.50 but shipping is expensive, even to the West Coast.

I've found PMC to be quality brass-cased ammo. It's a little dirty, but then again with an AR you're shitting where you eat anyway.


Newbius said...

My AR-platform .223 loves PMC FMJ-BT. I have found PMC to be a little cleaner than UMC/Remington, and about the same as milsurp. The price is good, the rounds are consistent, accurate, and they are available (an important factor!).

I would buy more in a heartbeat.

kaveman said...

Mike, you might give jgsales.com a try.

Granted this was a few years back but their policy was a flat $40 shipping anywhere in the lower 48 if you bought at least 150lbs of ammo.

Me and a buddy would each order several cases to ensure the weight requirement and split the shipping at $20 apiece.

Not too shabby.

Linoge said...

W00t for semi-affordable ammunition once again!

... Just in time for the EPA to make some coincident rulings about lead and CO2...

Cowboy Blob said...

My experience is several years old now, but I had a few batches of their pistol ammo that was very poorly crimped. I've avoided them since.

Wordverf: noweede

I hate weeds.

Johnny Virgil said...

I've found sportsmansguide.com to have some decent .223 lake city federal prices once in a while.

Mike W. said...

Johnny - Sportsmans Guide has been known to pull the old "bait & switch" with their prices.

They did it to me and I had to call & complain in order to get my card credited.

I no longer do business with them for any reason.