Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Typical Media Bias

All you need to read is the 1st line of this Tennessean piece

Once again in 2010, forces are working hard to mix alcohol with firearms in a restaurant or bar near you.

Oh No! The pants-shitting hysteria is in full force! Never mind that the bill simply allows citizens to carry in places that serve alcohol, the same as they do everyday in places that do not. Never mind that the vast majority of states in America allow citizens to carry in establishments that serve alcohol.

The Tennesean has an agenda to push. That agenda can be summed up as "Guns are bad mmkay!"

Here in Delaware not only can we carry in places that serve alcohol, we can drink while carrying. Despite this there has not been a rash of drunken shootouts by OC'ers or CCDW holders. The rest of the country affords its citizens this same freedom without it being an issue. Are Tennessee residents somehow more dangerous and irresponsible than the rest of us? I highly doubt it.


mike's spot said...

pants-shitting hysteria (FTW)

I agree, at what point will the anti-gun segment of the population realize that blood will not run in the streets because we carry?

its the same argument they had before CCW started passing nation wide, and they are still hoping (I mean that, I really believe their is an extreme anti-gun segment that would love a tragic accident to capitalize on) for some event to satiate their chicken little like fears.

Bob S. said...

In Texas we can carry into establishments that do not derive more then 51% of their income from alcohol sold to be consumed on site.

If a place gets 50.999999999999999999% of their income, we are okay.

So, tell me what about the person carrying changes when a place gets 0.000000000000000001% more of its income from alcohol?

Do we suddenly lose control?
Do we suddenly forget what the laws are?

Do we suddenly start shooting up the place?

Nope, we are the same.

Just remember, it is a good thing to be fighting these types of fights.

We could have to be fighting to carry at all.

Keep up the good work and we will continue to win.

Linoge said...

*sigh* It is just as well I do not have time to light into that particular piece of journalistic crap... Might break my keyboard.

Weer'd Beard said...

Yep again keep lying and ignoring the evidence until they win.

A better question for Mike would be not "at what point will the anti-gun segment of the population realize that blood will not run in the streets because we carry?"

But how long before they figure out that the world at large knows they're lying?