Tuesday, July 13, 2010

.357 SIG Expensive?

Y'know, one of the biggest downsides I consistently hear about .357 SIG is the cost of ammo. Is it as cheap and plentiful as 9mm? No, but then most major calibers aren't.

Here's a quick look at .357 SIG prices compared to .45 ACP.

One case of Prvi Partizan .357 SIG comes in at $359 from Aimsurplus. Since Aim has nothing comparable in .45 I'll go to Palmetto State Armory, where a case of PMC .45 ACP is the exact same price at $359. Georgia-Arms sells Speer Frangible for $300 and new .357 SIG for $310 Comparable Georgia Arms factory new .45 ACP is $400.

.40 S&W is just slightly cheaper, but then in my experience it's the cheapest common caliber of those above 9mm. Furthermore, virtually any gun chambered in .357 SIG will also shoot .40 S&W, so you have the added benefits of both cost savings and versatility if you buy a pistol chambered in either caliber.

I actually found .357 SIG both cheaper and significantly easier to find than .45 ACP during the Great Obama Ammo Rush. .357 SIG is certainly more expensive than most other major pistol calibers if you're buying it by the box, but if you buy it by the case or half case the price difference is negligible.

Besides, it's just a damn fun round to shoot!


Weer'd Beard said...

Should have compared it to 9mm +P because that's all .357 Sig is, 9x19mm +P with J-Lo hips! ; p

At least with .45 ACP you get some real bullet weight...and .40 S&W you get a LOT of recoil!

Mike W. said...

I suspect if I did compare it to
9mm +P the 9mm would be much more expensive.....

Oh, and I carry 185gr. 45 ACP.

I agree on .40 S&W. I don't like it at all, but can't bring myself to part with the .40 S&W P229 barrel or the small stash of ammo I've got on hand for it

DirtCrashr said...

Heh, wonder if it's cheaper than .45GAP?

Mike W. said...

Heh, no kidding Dirtcrashr.

Looks like .45GAP is damn near $500
(when you can find it)


CTone said...

45 ACP is super scarce around here, so it really doesn't matter what the price is.

I think the main reason that nobody has any .45 is because .40 S&W takes up all the space on the shelves! Figures, it's the one caliber I don't have.

Mike W. said...

Yeah no kidding Ctone - The lack of .45ACP both around here and online is annoying.

I've only got about 400 rounds of .45 range ammo left. I have damn near 20 times that much 9mm.