Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Zurich Surplus Sigs

Top Gun Supply just got a shipment of Swiss police surplus Sig P-226's in today.

My lowest-grade Zurich P228 from them had tons of holster wear, but very little internal wear. I suspect these will be much the same.


Weer'd Beard said...

God damn my approved safety roster, and AWB!!!

Mike W. said...

These Sigs are very unsafe Weer'd. They're old, and made before Exeter started screwing up Sig. That means they're extra dangerous for you.

Just fine for me of course, but mighty dangerous for folks in Massachusetts.

Weer'd Beard said...


My mind keeps going back to that 245 on the used rack.

I'm hardly a Sig Fanboy (most of my guns are made by S&W and The People's Republic of *insert oppressed Eastern European Nation Here*)

But Damn I need to get into the Sig game just a LITTLE bit. As I said to a Friend who I talked out of getting a H&K into a sig "You can't go wrong with sig!: