Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Reminder - The TSA Are Incompetent

Hey look, I was mining drafts and found an old post I decided to update and post now.

With everything that's going on with the TSA right now and Napolitano decreeing how important airport screening is to national security (please...) I thought it best to remind readers just how utterly incompetent the TSA is.

Fellow gunblogger Breda flew to the NRA convention in Phoenix in May 09', forgetting her Gerber Mini Paraframe in her carry-on during both legs of the trip. The TSA missed it. They groped her, humiliated her, and were of course concerned about her dangerous prosthesis, yet they missed a knife in her carry-on. The TSA is a massive, expensive, bureaucratic nightmare. Like most government bureaucracies, they are utterly incompetent.

The TSA misses things like knives in carry-on's with some regularity. Oh, and fake bombs too.

The Feds of course downplay all of this, with Napolitano saying the scanners are safe and pat-downs discreet. Bullshit. Discreet? Nothing about Breda's experiences was discreet and she is not alone.  We also know that the scanners put out far more radiation than the government claims.

Even if the TSA were 100% effective at catching anything that could conceivably be used as a weapon on board a flight the blatant 4th Amendment violations would not be worth it. I will not trade my rights for the illusion of security. Unfortunately it seems many of my fellow Americans are eager to do exactly that.

It seems the TSA is becoming even more power hungry and is telling the State of Texas "Let us grope your women & children or else!"  And as if they couldn't get worse than groping librarians and young girls, they've now upped the ante and started groping babies.  When will this bullshit end?  When will people grow some balls, stand up and say "Enough!?" Why are my fellow Americans putting up with it?


Unknown said...

I have to disagree with you here - they are very competent at assaulting people, sexually and mentally.

It's good though that they're not catching the things that they should be, and that they're getting the bad publicity that they deserve. I never saw them as doing anything useful towards real security, so anything they screw up is probably a good thing at this point.

Weer'd Beard said...

Even if they WERE competent in their screening, the 4th Amendment means what it says it does and they can fuck off.

Given that they couldn't catch the clap in a whore house, there are exactly ZERO arguments why these dunces should be in our airports and on our dime!

Nancy R. said...

Sweet Daughter and I have to fly this weekend. I was hoping we could drive to MN and back, but time contraints prohibit it. I just have to find an approriate way to ask her if she'd rather be microwaved or felt-up. Which will it be Sweetie? Physical or psychological damage?

Unknown said...

Microwaved is the way to go. I've been fondled by the TSA, and from my past line of work I'm surprised I don't glow - I'd take the gamma rays any day over some blue shirted perv. Think of it this way: the HULK is still pretty cool despite the microwaving he went through!

Cargosquid said...

Texas should have gone ahead and passed the law. Let the TSA shut down Texas.

THEY would have been the face of the shut down. THEY would be the ones killing the economy.

And Gov. Perry could always reply that all of those refineries need "inspections."

Guess who would blink first.