Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Violent, Intolerant Left

While watching my local news last night I saw that the NJ teachers union and several NJ teachers have levied all manner of personal attacks towards Republican Governor Chris Christie. Prior to that the Union called for Gov. Christie's death. Funny, I didn't see that plastered all over MSNBC and ABC News 24/7 as an example of seditious, left-wing hate fanned by the evil left-wing media.

They've done so on their personal facebook pages by the way, which is monumentally stupid. I have personal experience with that. Luckily people stupid enough to threaten physical harm against myself or my family members via facebook make it that much easier for the State to prosecute them.

Why the intolerance, slanderous accusations and threats? Because Christie is calling for funding cuts. Boo hoo! We're in a recession, the States are hemorrhaging money and the union is butthurt because they might not get as big a raise as they're demanding. That is un-fucking-believable, especially given that Christie ran on a platform of drastically cutting spending. Why act shocked and appalled when he actually does so?

Meanwhile, the liberal media is in a nationwide tizzy over the Tea Party movement. They will stop at nothing to discredit concerned citizens and peaceful protesters as violent, bigoted, ignorant racists. It doesn't matter what reality is. This is what the left does. They simply cannot act like civil adults when the dissent is aimed at them. They have no cogent, intelligent response to the message, so they attack the messengers in the most despicable and petulant ways possible, hoping such action will sufficiently smear those who don't walk in mindless lockstep with utopian leftist ideals.

I should also point out that this is the kind of behavior I'd expect from adolescent teenagers, not the adult teachers of those students. In fact when I 1st saw the report I thought they were talking about kids making threats & nasty messages through Facebook. Instead it's liberal adults who don't know how to behave like proper adults.

Just think, these are the people who are teaching our kids. What shining examples they are for young minds!

If I engaged in this kind of behavior I'd get my ass canned. Apparently NJ teachers think they're special and such behavior is acceptable. Of course why wouldn't they think just that, since their own union is the lead bully in this case.


Weer'd Beard said...

They're vary tolerant. Just only to people EXACTLY like them.

Hence why Tea Parties are "All White" and "All Republican", until they find a black democrat who agrees that government has gone too far. In which case they're not REALLY black, or REALLY a Democrat.

Or people who support free speech unless it isn't speech that they like.

Some how this makes sense to them.

A Patriot said...

I find that even the smartest teachers snap at certain issues. I assume that it has a lot to do with job stress and the like.