Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Stupid, It Burns

Tam shows us a video of "firearms instructor" Matthew Temkin. Now I'm no expert, but if I didn't know better I'd think this was a joke.

Obviously there's no shortage of suckers out there, since apparently some folks actually pay him for this kind of "training."

If, god forbid, I'm ever in a situation where I need to use my gun why in the hell would I want to stand directly in front of my assailant and then walk towards him? That's just flat out moronic and defies all common sense.

I was under the impression that my handgun was to be used defensively to help me evade, create distance, and get out of a violent encounter. following Temkin's training achieves the opposite and, at least to this novice, seems like a good way to get shot. If you happen to survive the encounter it's also a great way to be seen as the aggressor by any witnesses.

What was with the whole "punch the guy before shooting him in the gut with your revolver" technique? How do you not laugh at someone recommending you do that?

That entire video is just made of fail. Thanks for the laugh Tam!


Anonymous said...

The best advice I have heard is that you should treat your handgun as a necessary tool to buy you the time to get to a real gun (i.e. a rifle and/or shotgun). If that real gun just happens to be two counties over, it might look like you are running away, but, really, you are just going to get better equipment.

Jeff the Baptist said...

Actually pulling your gun and advancing on someone does work, especially if you're very close to them. I've had someone do it to me once in a training situation and it instantly put me on the defensive, concentrating more on getting out of the guys way and creating distance than shooting him. This is just where he wanted me to be of course.

Unknown said...
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Bob S. said...


That just shows your inability to correctly process information.

Maybe if you took the time to read and learn before opening your trap, you might not be banned on so many sites.

Also, if you are wrong about this -- how many other things are you wrong about, eh Sparky?

Weer'd Beard said...

Heh, I didn't know Tam banned MikeB302000 too! Good for her!

Interesting point, Jeff, I can see how that would work. Also I can see how it can totally fuck you up, especially since I train to engage a "Deadly Threat", I don't care what the threat is, be it somebody with a gun, a knife, a pipe, or a car.

Get off the line of attack (dodge left if you have a choice, as if the person is shooting and has bad trigger control the shots will go low and to HIS left, and away from your path) and engage with your handgun, and seek out cover and/or concealment.