Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Comp-Tac Spartan Review

Last June I wrote a lengthy review of my primary carry holster, a Comp-Tac MTAC. That holster has worn in quite well as I've been carrying as often as possible. With a means to carry both my P6's, P228's and P229R I suppose I didn't actually need another holster, but I decided to pick one up anyway on the off chance I felt like carrying a full-sized steel .45.

I was happy with my MTAC, so I decided to stick with Comptac for the P220ST. The Spartan was purchased purely out of curiosity. I wanted to save some money and see how the cheaper Spartan would stack up against the $80 MTAC.

Now, some might question why I'd want to carry the P220ST when I've got several Sigs that are far better suited for IWB carry. To be honest I bought the Comp-Tac Spartan for two reasons. One, I wanted to see if it was even possible for me to effectively conceal this big hunk o' steel on my frame. Two, it just didn't feel right not having a means to carry each and every pistol in my collection.

The holster is constructed quite well. I ordered this one with the same setup and adjusted it to the same forward cant as my Comptac MTAC. It's not as nice as my MTAC, but then it's not meant to be. It's essentially a budget version of the MTAC. Whereas the MTAC is double layered, with soft backing and nicely finished leather, the Spartan is true to it's name. It's single layered, so the hardware is exposed on the backside. The leather on that side is rough and unfinished.

As you might imagine based on holster construction, the Spartan doesn't lend itself to being carried against bare skin. If you're going to carry in one it's a good idea to wear a tucked in undershirt. I imagine most who carry IWB do this anyway, but with the MTAC you have an option one way or the other.

Given the size of the P220ST I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it conceals, though I will say it gets heavy after a while. The weight is to be expected with a full-size, all-steel .45, but the Spartan does a decent job of distributing weight. I likely need a better (or at least tighter) belt, since I could actually use one more hole in my Don Hume belt. I don't expect carrying a gun this big & heavy to be comfortable, but I also don't carry the P220ST regularly. My P6 is significantly easier to carry and tends to be my 1st choice when carrying IWB.

The final verdict? The spartan is a quality holster, though in my honest opinion the extra workmanship of the MTAC is worth the $16 more. Ultimately you can't go wrong with either holster.

On to the pictures! I took them in the same kind of Gap shirt as my previous MTAC review. I apologize if the picture quality isn't great. These were taken with my Iphone. I've actually gained some weight since these pictures were taken (Yay!!)

There ya go Weer'd, now you've seen it.

I don't have any pics of just the holster by itself, but I can add a few to this post later.


Weer'd Beard said...

Heyyyy Look at the fatty! You gonna go eat some butter and cry, fat-kid! LOL

You say you gained weight, where'd you put it?

Amazing holster that hides that steel monster so well! Glad read the review!

Mike W. said...

Heyyyy Look at the fatty! You gonna go eat some butter and cry, fat-kid! LOL

Yep, a whole stick, and then I'm gonna cry some more, watch the notebook, and wish I didn't have to compensate for my small member with that huge steel hogleg. :)

Weer'd Beard said...


Breda said...

you obviously haven't been eating the recommended dose of bacon every day, all washed down with a few beers.

Weer'd Beard said...

Yeah, because if you do that you'll be a fatty like Breda!


You guys are awesome!

Mike W. said...

Guinness, Bacon & Whiskey do an Irishwoman's body good. Right Breda? ;

Breda's Irish Weer'd. The booze & bacon keep her fit & thin.

Plus Guinness is heart healthy so that cancels out the bacon fat.

Weer'd Beard said...

Damnit!!! You'd think the genetics would be close...but I guess my Scottish Genes that just turn bacon and beer into a spare tire fit for a Monster Truck, is just how it is. : ]