Monday, June 14, 2010

Democratic Tyrant Assaults Lowly Commoner

These pompous, arrogant asshats who dare call themselves our "representatives" need to be reminded of one important fact. You work for us, not the other way around. They had best not forget it.

Getting his ass thrown out in November isn't near enough punishment for Rep. Bob Etheridge. (D)

This student should file assault and battery charges against Etheridge immediately. I'm already seeing people who are trying to downplay this , or blame the student because he didn't give Etheridge his name. (Imagine that, leftist apologizers blaming the victim. Inconceivable!)

This is America folks, I'm not required to give my name to any old Joe Blow who asks for it, nor is Etheridge required to give these two kids an interview on the street. He should do so, as a Representative of the people of North Carolina, but he's well within his rights to politely walk away and ignore the camera. Likewise, these two kids are well within their rights to ask him questions on a public street.

The student did nothing wrong here. He dared to question the Authoritah of a politician and was assaulted and then held against his will because of it.

Rep. Etheridge says, "I have a right to know who you are!" Bullshit! He has no "right to know" any such thing. The fact that Etheridge finds it acceptable to engage in such unprovoked physical violence simply because a fellow citizen does not immediately identify himself upon demand is appalling.

The student here would have been well within his legal rights to forcibly remove Etheridge's hand from his arm and/or neck. Actions have consequences, and Rep. Etheridge is lucky he walked away from this incident without injury.

Also, thank god for the internet. This is exactly the kind of thing that'd be buried by the MSM unless the assailant had an "R" next to his name.

Imagine if a college student had done this to a member of Congress. How long do you think it'd take for that kid to be face down on the pavement at the hands of either the cops or a private security detail?

By the way, I'm not the least bit surprised to find out he's an anti-gunner. I think unc can file this one under "Why are anti-gunners so violent?"

Oh, apparently he's "apologized." Sounds a lot like "I'm sorry I got caught" to me.


For the sake of accuracy I do NOT think Rep. Etheridge's actions would be considered assault and battery. At least not under Delaware law. (I ran it past some folks who are more qualified to know this than I am and they agreed)

Under Delaware law I can't see how Etheridge would be guilty of anything more than offensive touching (601) and 2nd degree unlawful imprisionment (781) "Assault" would require that an actual physical injury occurred, or "serious physical injury" in the case of a felony assault. (611)

H/T to Breda - Thanks for raising my blood pressure.


DirtCrashr said...

I'm somewhat appalled a the YouTube defenders of this prick.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the young man in question should have taken a copy (not the original!) of this tape to the DC police and sworn out a warrant. THAT would make the news....