Monday, June 21, 2010

Goodies From CDNN

A few days ago CDNN was having a special so I picked a few things up. You just can't pass up "buy 2 OEM Sig P-229 mags get 1 free," half price shipping and cheap factory P-220 mags.

Not only were shipping & communication excellent, but when I opened the package I also saw birchwood Casey target spots, a Glock 17/19 mag pouch, and a POS chinese pocketknife.

The knife was useless junk and got dumped in the trash, and I'll probably never use the mag pouch, but I will buy from CDNN in the future.

Now if only buying a set of Rota Slipstreams were this easy....


Anonymous said...

W00t for companies that throw in random-assed free stuff in the package! The stuff was probably going to get junked from their warehouse anywise, so it works out well for all parties :).

The Duck said...

Made a lot of good purchases from CDNN, once in awhile the "freebies" have been worthwhile.