Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Point & Laugh

That's all I can do when I see the kind of puerile behavior this woman has displayed on her blog and in comments.

That's one nice thing about lefty bloggers, their antics are humorous and good for a laugh sometimes. Sure, it's sad when you really think about it, but then rampant stupidity and ignorance in general are sad and yet they provide me with plenty of laughs. The world would be a pretty dull place without an abundance of stupid folks. Hell, shows like COPS and Jerry Springer wouldn't exist without them.

While I'll laugh at it I see no need to engage in it. I know that many leftists never do, but I grew out of adolescence many years ago (ok, I'm young, so not that many...)

H/T to Weer'd


Weer'd Beard said...

heh, does it matter? I'm ten years younger than her, and at least I can put on my big-boy pants and talk like a grown-up.

Sad really....also scary how similar they all are.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, my first reaction to people like that is pity, then it progresses on to disappointment, and finally, once the individual in question has made it abundantly clear that they not only recognize their own childishness, but they embrace it, then I move on to the pointing-and-laughing.

A person simply physically incapable of growing past a certain maturity level is sad. An idiot refusing to even consider the possibility is goddamned ridiculous.

Sabra said...

I suppose this is the basis of the old saying that if you're a liberal past a certain age, you have no brain. This name-calling is pretty much par for the course; I sadly know only a handful of liberals who refrain from it, and even then the compliments are frequently back-handed. (Like the one far-left Facebook friend who worried that I, her only right-wing friend, wouldn't be able to play nice with the rest of 'em.)

DirtCrashr said...

Wow, her brain-stem is really shot - and that reminds me of... a lot of the Bay Area here.

Weer'd Beard said...

BTW note how her way of "Debating" is to ignore any facts or statements given, and to use grade-school name-calling as a "Rebuttal".

Meanwhile she and her ilk follow the "progressive" definition of "Troll" which is "People who don't agree with me, but decide to talk anyway"

Free Speech, couldn't it be a LITTLE less free??? ; ]