Friday, June 25, 2010

Quote of The Day - Compromise

"The reason I chose the title of this post is because we need to draw a line, or we’ll keep backing up. “Compromise” to a leftist means you giving them what they want and shutting up so they can brag about it. The solution is simple– don’t give them what they want, and don’t be quiet about it. Working with someone who wishes to destroy you and your way of life isn’t a value, it’s a lapdog mentality. Plus, there’s no satisfaction like seeing the blank expression a leftist gets when you get a really good zinger in on them– it’s like they lose connection with the hive mind for a moment…"

-Dixie Carpetbagger

The left defines "compromise" in a manner completely inconsistent from the dictionary definition. Funny how often they tend to do that with simple words. There can be no true compromise between two diametrically opposed parties. I could no more compromise with someone wishing to disarm me than I could with a robber wanting to steal my wallet.

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Bob S. said...

Here is how I view the anti-rights advocates view of compromise.

Mugger: "Give me all your money"

Me: " NO, I need it to buy food, pay the mortgage and buy medicine for my family"

Mugger: "Okay, We'll compromise. Give me half your money and thank me for compromising with you!!"

Sorry but I want my liberty, I want the full extent of my rights.

I notice that the antis seldom offer to roll back a single item/law/restriction at all...they don't even offer up anything.