Monday, June 7, 2010

So I'm Walking Into the E.R.

I'm walking into the E.R. Sunday afternoon* and what do I see, but the dreaded "no concealed weapons" sign. I was carrying a concealed knife, as always, (oops) but I wonder if I could've walked in while open carrying?

Not that it matters much for me at this point, but if I had DE CCDW I could have walked in while packing without becoming an instant criminal because some bureaucrat stuck a sticker on the door. In Ohio, I'd have been breaking the law.

Apparently this sign is meant to establish a "gun-free zone," which ensures public safety and keeps things like sexual assaults from happening....

I got an e-mail just now discussing two sexual assaults near the hospital.

From the e-mail,

"This is a photo of the man who has already abducted and assaulted 2 woman in the areas of Rt 4 and Rt 7 (near Christiana Hospital). One of the incidents occurred when a woman walked to her car at the Abbey Medical Center - on the road between Christiana Hosp. and Rt. 4."

Had this woman been walking from her car in the hospital parking lot to the E.R. how would establishing a "gun-free zone" have helped her? I strongly suspect that hospital policy declares the entire property a "gun free zone," including the parking lot.

From what I see in the article the assailant didn't have a weapon, yet still managed to enter the cars of two women, forced them to drive somewhere against their will, and then sexually assaulted them. No one had a gun, just like Sarah Brady's utopian paradise, yet two women were still victimized.

On one last note, the signs aren't legally binding in Delaware so I'll gladly walk through them, just as this rapist or a gangbanger in Wilmington would. I'd encourage anyone who lives where such signs carry no legal weight to simply ignore them. Some policies (and laws) should be actively ignored. That last sentence is the subject of another post that I hope to have up soon.

*I was at the ER to pick up my poppop, who fell down his basement stairs while the power was out in Dover. He got up, cleaned the blood from his head and drove himself to the ER. He suffered a subdural hematoma. They discharged him and we're just keeping an eye on him for now.


Sabra said...

I will never, ever, ever understand why feminists want to discourage women from the one thing that would put us on an even footing with men who mean us harm. That women are taught from an early age to fear guns is blatantly anti-feminist, and it would be nice if these gals got their heads out of their asses and noticed it. I have no great hope, though. I mean, it's still acceptable to your standard feminist for women to demand a (male) security guard walk women to their car should they have any fear for their safety...

And I do, of course, fully support ignoring signs with no legal weight behind them.

Bob S. said...

Mike W.

Glad to hear your PopPop is okay.

I also ignore signs that don't have legal weight behind them. I'll gladly leave any establishment that asks me to.

I also try to avoid the establishments that post "no legal guns allowed" signs.

Your points will, of course, be ignored or dismissed by the antis because they make too much sense. Ever notice how the antis usually fail to address the fact that around 90% of all violent crime doesn't involve a weapon?

They concentrate their efforts on reducing less then 10% of violent crime, then wonder why we call them illogical.