Friday, July 23, 2010

Backup Advice

No, this isn't about backup guns, it's about safeguarding the 1000+ posts I've penned here over the last two and half years. I don't take this blog all that seriously, as it's basically a leisure activity for me, but I'd still hate to lose everything. It's unlikely, but I suppose blogger could go tits-up.

So, what's the best / easiest way of backing up all my posts? (and comments too if that's possible)

I know most of you are bigger nerds than me, so I bow to your expertize.


Bob S. said...

Mike W.

I simply used Blogspot's export function.

As I understand it, it makes an XML version of your blog and saves it to your drive.

I'm not sure if it copies all the pictures or not.

Anonymous said...

On the Mac you can hit Command P for print and instead of printing the document (blog) tell it to save-as a PDF file. That gets pictures and everything else. I don't know what the equivalent is on Windows machines, but I'd be willing to bet it's there in a similar form.

Patrick said...

This will be absolutely not helpful but that is what I'm here for.

If you were on Wordpress, there are several plugins that will do it for you.

Mine emails me a copy of my entire site every night. Since I use Gmail, I have plenty of room to have those backups :)

The reason I mention this is that I know nothing about Blogger and I don't know what is available to you.

Anonymous said...

Same boat as Patrick - I abandoned Blogger years ago, and have never looked back. Every other platform out there has an "export" function somewhere, and while it might not save everything, it would certainly be a start.