Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi-Point Testing Begins

Justin at Way of The Multigun received his free Hi-Point. It has begun. I'm anxiously awaiting his follow-up posts and I hope his gun stays in one piece

Personally I'd never buy a Hi-Point, especially with the plethora of cheap com-bloc pistols floating around out there. Weer'd and I handled them at the NRA convention and they were laughable. They're like big, ungainly toys, but at least the Hi-Point rep at the convention was hilarious in his enthusiasm for the brand.

As for Hi-Point, take a look at this thread. The slide material does not look like something I'd trust to contain an explosion. Look at how porous the metal is. Sure, any gun can kaboom, but you don't often see a slide fracture like that.

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Eric R. Shelton said...

That ZAMAK-3 slide that's made of mostly zinc fits the definition of pot metal to a "T". An alloy of inexpensive metal with a low melting point used in fast, cheap castings... You get what you pay for.

But since somebody will make this argument (as if it validates owning a gun like this for defensive use) I'l beat them to the punch- "But it's got a lifetime warranty!" I literally LOL'd when some Hi-Point excuser posted that in the third entry of that thread.