Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Like A Big Bear!

I've got labs times two this week since my brother's overly affectionate yellow lab is here. Wonderful dog, but unfortunately she's been suffering from uncontrollable flatulence the last few days.

Here's my big bear. People tell me he's got a huge head and looks like a bear not a lab.

As for further posting, work is looking like it's going to be downright crazy for the next few weeks, likely through the rest of July. That means light posting for now.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that her food has been changed? Dogs have to be "weened" by mixing their regular food with the new food. Just a thought.

Mike W. said...

Nope. My bro gave me food for her. Unless he changed it on purpose to play an evil trick on me. Thanks for the help though.

Weer'd Beard said...

I love labs, they are by far one of the coolest breeds.

I'm still amazed tho when Alan told me about his lab nipping a service tech when he went into the back yard against Alan's commands.

Most of the labs I know will only nip if you climb between their jaws and have somebody jump up and down on their head.

As for the flatulence, I have the same problem. I tell the wife its just because I love her.

Maybe the dog just loves you!

falnfenix said...

Weer'd - any dog will bite. i have scars from an unprovoked attack from a lab to prove it.

FightinBluHen51 said...

Dog farts are always the worst. Growing up, we had a black one that would lay by you on the concrete floor of the basement while reloading that would let 'em loose. Usually the silent kind, but on the floor, they let out the always suspicious, barely audible, "ferrrrrpt." It usually resulted in having to evac out of there for a few minutes, and leave the rest of the shotgun shells to after ventilating the area. She was a good dog though, great nose, and loved to chase birds.

I currently have the wifel unit's Boxer / Shepard mix, and it's a whole different world! High strung, always moving, nervous, anxious, hates wet grass (no matter how tall). Ugh! Good dog, but please give me the lab any day of the week!