Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where's That Stimulus Money?

The Federal government is spending money faster than Nicole Richie on a coke binge, yet in Arizona the Pinal County Sheriff is resorting to begging the public for money to buy AR-15's.

Since AR's are so easy to convert to full-auto M16's why can't Obama just snap his fingers, have the ATF swap parts out of a few M16's and send them down to the cops in Arizona? Obama's unicorns probably shit $200,000 per day anyway.

At least Sheriff Babeu understands one thing. If you need something immediately don't bother asking the Federal government. However, he should be asking his officers to purchase them rather than asking the public for donations. I know my brother had to buy his own. With deep military / LEO discounts it's not a huge expense. (certainly not $3K per gun)

The evil "assault weapons" that belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets have magically transformed into "deputy rifles" when they're for police purposes. They're no longer baby-killing machines designed to be "spray fired from the hip". Nope, instead they're an effective self-defense weapon, and I quote,

“This is the weapon that they need to best protect themselves and to stop the threat continuing against the public."

That's the same reason most of us own our EBR's too. They're effective home/self defense firearms. Hell, my evil "assault weapon" is loaded with the same mags and ammo that the police use in their "deputy rifles."

h/t to CTone


Sabra said...

I'll tell you where the stimulus money is: down here in San Antonio, buying Via Metropolitan Transit pretty new busses that have reclining seats and wifi access. To the tune of $550K/bus, or a total of well over $3M.

They're diesel/electric hybrids, you see.

Weer'd Beard said...

I wants me some stimulus money so I can buy me an FAL...and not one of them "Mass Compliant Ones", but a kickass one!

Tho I'll be fin if its sans the "fun switch", I can do a LOT more damage with semi-auto anyway!

harp1034 said...

The Sheriff's Dept. can buy real Viet Nam era M-16s from the Dept. of Defence. I think that they are about $375 each.

Anonymous said...

Hold on. You know that more & more departments have been switching to semi-automatic rifles over the last decade, right? (I'm talking about standard dept issue, not "letting" guys buy their own.) How did they all afford it? In most cases, it was w/ help from the feds -- DOD, Byrne grants, etc. Scores of departments, thousands of rifles, & not one of them was forced to go begging the public for donations.

It's not that the feds wouldn't help, it's that Babeu didn't bother to do his job. You're right, the govt's slow, but he was elected almost 2 years ago. In that time, while all those other departments were able to anticipate their needs -- do what leaders are paid to do -- & arm their officers through regular channels, what was he doing? Mostly raising money for his other schemes. If he'd made it a priority, his deputies would've had their rifles long ago, like officers elsewhere.

But nobody's ever heard of all those quietly competent leaders who did manage to arm their men, & Babeu's turned himself into a star w/ a fresh donor list for his next campaign.

7 or 8 years ago, before he moved to Arizona & applied to be cop, he was a small-time political hustler & fundraiser for a notorious Massachusetts con man. (Google "Michael DeSisto.") Maybe he's gone straight, but this just doesn't smell right.