Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hilarious Birth Control!

This site is for all you parents and for anyone who might be mulling over popping out a few destructive little rascals. It's like "Shit My Dad Says" only better.

ShitMyKidsRuined - It's birth control on Al Gore's intertubes!

My youngest sister actually did this one.

We were headed to UD for someone's high school graduation and my sis was driving my mom's car. Instead of backing straight out of the garage she put it in "R", cut the wheel hard left and hit the gas, taking out the side of the Toyota and the side of our garage.

Falnfenix knows all about the women drivers in my family (no offense ladies) My parents actually used to have a clause on their insurance contract expressly forbidding my oldest sister from driving any of their cars.

There's also a family submission from before I was born that would be great for the site if we had pictures. My brother had gone to the park for a barbeque over the weekend with mom & dad and decided he wanted to be like daddy. While dad was at work my brother found some old newspapers and matches and had a "barbeque" on the couch, just like dad! There's a funnier part to the story but I can't tell it for privacy reasons.

Crap! I'm supposed to babysit two of my nephews on Saturday. Hope none of my shit gets ruined.

H/T to Vixoen (which is highly NSFW)


Lissa said...

I check that site daily :) We're still planning on having kids, but I'm agitating for sturdy-rather-than-delicately-pretty belongings!

Sabra said...

That site gets my kids cookies every damn time I look at it. "Hey, y'all are annoying, but there's worse than you out there!" Though they have half demolished their closet. Sigh.

Broken Andy said...

I started reading that site and less than 5 minutes later found myself scrubbing chocolate out of the carpet and chasing my 18 month old to get his hands wiped down.