Monday, September 27, 2010

Reasoned Discourse - The Final Stage

I see that anti-gun Brady Campaign board member Joan Peterson of Common Gun Sense has completed the Sad But Predictable progression that it seems all anti's go through when challenged. This is one instance where I'm getting tired of being right all the time. Just once I'd love to see an anti-gunner who can be honest, stand up and defend their beliefs, maintain a completely open comment section, and not exhibit intellectual cowardice.

Although I discuss it in my original post I probably should have listed as the final stage (#7) "retreat from the debate entirely" or "take your ball and go home." This conclusion was not the least bit surprising given her almost immediate reaction to criticism.

Joan Peterson has shown that the subtitle of her blog was a misnomer or a lie. She never had any intention of having a "thoughtful discussion" with anyone except those who walked in lockstep with Brady Campaign talking points.

I could no more expect to have a "thoughtful discussion" with her or for the two of us to find "common ground" than a black man would expect the same out of a KKK member. One cannot find common ground with bigots who lack respect for his fundamental rights. I agree with Roberta. If you do not respect my right to self-defense and my right to keep & bear arms as a basic corollary to said right, you are my enemy.

That said, anything I might say to Joan Peterson is not said to change her bigoted viewpoints. It is said in order to expose to the world the bigotry, intolerance and outright falsehoods she espouses on her blog.


Sarah said...

Oh, yeah, I'm surprised that she took her ball and went home. She wasn't getting anywhere with the "reasonable discussion" because the gunnies whose comments did actually get through were making logical, factual points instead of being hysterical over the fact that there's a ZOMG GUN!!!! being discussed.

I mean, really. How can you take the hysterics seriously? It's like the old "Tom and Jerry" cartoons in which the lady would jump up on the chair and start shrieking whenever Jerry popped up. Fraidy cats are objects of amusement even if they're loudly shrieking about wanting to make it more difficult, if not impossible, for me to keep and bear arms.

Bob S. said...

I just took particular delight in frequently mentioning her stated desire to have 'thoughtful discussion' in regards to her moderation and avoidance of discussion.

I take it as a point of pride that she included this "Though the title of my blog indicates that I would like to have a discussion, I am not sure that is possible. " in her post.

Rifle Stocks said...

I think the problem is that for some of these people "thoughtful discussion" can only mean they do all the thinking. They believe they are so bright and it's just us "guns and religion" scaredy cats who depend on the enlightened ones to do all the thoughtful discussion.

Ears are closed, mouths are open. Good on you for being willing to try.