Monday, September 20, 2010

Witch! Witch! You're A Witch!

I thought Liberals were supposed to be open, tolerant, and accepting of different viewpoints? So why all the brouhaha about a few lines Christine O'Donnell uttered about witchcraft in the 90's?

She was a teenager for fuckssake. I'm sure pretty much everyone on my blogroll did and said crazy stuff in their late teens / early 20's. Hell, I can think of plenty of really stupid things I did between ages 17 and 21, some of it fun but stupid, some just plain stupid. Also, these words were said on Bill Maher's complete joke of a show.

This should be a non-story. It's completely irrelevant. The only reason it's getting any play is because it's unusual and the Liberal Media are desperate to smear O'Donnell. (as is the GOP) Chris Coons fawning over Marxism has arguably more relevance than whether O'Donnell practiced witchcraft in her teens or what she does or doesn't like to do with her naughty bits.

The real question is whether Coons still holds Marxist ideals in high regard. It's a relevant matter of political ideology and thus deserves some scrutiny. The witchcraft and masturbation issues are meaningless given the context in which those statements were made. You can bet the MSM won't delve into Coon's belief in a failed political ideology responsible for more death and misery than any other in human history. They'll be far too busy attacking O'Donnell on superfluous issues.

Anyone want to take bets on which issue will get more airtime in the national media? And some people *cough* my grandpa *cough* will still sit there and try to tell me there is no liberal media bias, that the media is actually biased against liberals.....


Weer'd Beard said...

Honestly I think this issue is kinda gonna be like the whole "Birther" issue. The more you harp on it, the more nutty the person crowing looks.

FYI who are they trying to scare away?

I just don't see this doing much of anything, but helping her by making her opponents look like fools.

Robert McDonald said...

Typical smear tactic, so I'm hardly surprised by it. Disgusted yes, but not surprised. I'm glad she is not a candidate in the South though. I know in Alabama she would be finished as a result of this.

Jennifer said...

I hope she wins big. It just shows what extreme lengths the libs will go to. They are liars and hypocrites.
Too bad she's not a witch. Then she could just turn them all into newts.