Monday, October 25, 2010

CCW....With the Right Equipment

For those times when you absolutely need to discreetly hide your heater, Girls Heart Guns shows us the cleavage holster. She's also written a review.

This might work for some men as well, provided you buy a manzier first.


GG said...

Thanks for linking to my blog! :)

If a manzier isn't already on your shopping list, check out the men's chest holster made by that same company, Discreet Carry. I have one for when bra carry doesn't do it for me. Good stuff.

Mike W. said...

You're welcome.

The manzier part was a joke. I'm rail thin, no manboobs to speak of here ;)

Do you bra carry regularly? It seems like a method of carry you'd only want to do when absolutely necessary.

GG said...

I bra carry almost every time I carry. I always wear a bra so since I've got it on anyway it might as well lift, separate and protect!

I haven't figured out how to carry anywhere else yet (I'm new to CCW). I don't want to purse carry, to me ankle carry is a last resort thing and waist carry gives me lumps and bumps that even wearing tops 1-2 sizes too big for me don't cover. I've tried different holsters, belts, pants, shirts and guns. I'm beginning to think I'm the wrong shape for waist carry.