Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quote of The Day - Well-Regulated

"Whereas in all well regulated Governments, it is the indispensable duty of every Legislature to consult the Happiness of a rising Generation, and endeavour to fit them for an honorable Discharge of the Social Duties of Life, by paying the strictest attention to their Education."

- Act of the North Carolina Legislature - November 12, 1789

I know, this is somewhat "beating a dead horse" since most of us know that "well-regulated" did not mean regulated by government in the sense that we use the term "regulate" today. It meant "well-functioning / properly functioning," "in good order" and in the context of the 2nd Amendment, "well armed and trained."

Still, I like historical citations that make it plainly clear that the words of the 2nd Amendment do not mean what anti-gunners want them to mean.


Bob S. said...

Obviously you miss the bigger picture of what the words really mean.

There is government and then there are those who run the governments.

Well regulated must have simply meant complying with the wishes of those -- would be dictators, I mean, political and scholarly elites.

Weer'd Beard said...

I hear if you attended lawschool you can re-write all that old stuff and simply call it rubbish. ; ]

Newbius said...

"well-regulated" in a clock's function. Keeping time. Having regular function. In proper order.

A properly ordered militia composed of the whole of the people, functioning correctly, and being necessary to keeping the people in a state of Freedom, the right of these people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, restricted, regulated, impugned, abridged, or complained about, bitches.